First Semester: DONE.

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged… I haven’t blogged anything since school started. I thought Id have time, but no, definitely did not.

I’m done with my first semester of school, and it feels good. I’m compiling a whole long post of the do’s and don’t’s of law school, but that will come later. Today’s post will just be a brief overview of my semester.

Classes: Civil Procedure I, Contracts I, Torts, Criminal Law, Legal Writing and Research I.

Civil Procedure: one of the more boring classes, but obviously an important one. First half of the semester wasn’t as interesting as the second half [as interesting as the course could have been…]. Next semester should be different; our fall professor is retiring over break, so we’ll be getting a new professor for Civ Pro II. Yay! [not.]

Contracts: This professor is so odd. I’ll just leave it at that. Next semester will be quite the rollercoaster.

Torts: Definitely a favorite. And the hardest. This class was 2 semesters worth of material squeezed into one 4 unit semester [a regular class is 3 units]. I absolutely loved my professor; she was passionate about torts, knew how to teach the material well, and provided us with all her powerpoint slides used in class. Having access to the slides after class was wonderful because I wasn’t spending all my time typing out the slides; instead, I was listening to the professor and just typing what important things she said that was additional to the slides. Also, she was the only professor who really used the Socratic Method as it should have been used, i.e., calling random students to discuss cases we were to have read before coming to class. It was absolutely terrifying, but if you did the reading, and you understood the case, the questions asked don’t seem so daunting. And she helped us through the questions. She also wanted everyone to get a chance at being cold called, so it was multiple people called on throughout lecture; she never stuck on one person the whole class. A fair professor, indeed. A great person in general, in and out of class.

Criminal Law: This was also a favorite class, but not for the same reasons as Torts. I loved the material for this class, and the professor did a fantastic job incorporating real-life situations into lectures. Our professor was a criminal prosecutor for awhile before he started teaching full-time. He gave us stories about his time as a prosecutor when it applied to the material being taught. The only issue I had with this class was the lack of organization, but with mid-semester feedback he requested, the class was wonderful by the end.

Legal Writing and Research: This class was only a 2 unit class, and the assignments leading up to the final paper were just parts of memos. Our final paper, due before Thanksgiving [thankfully!], was a revised completed memo based on a fictional case compared to 4 past decided cases. It was quite interesting. Professor is nice and approachable.

Of my fall classes, 3 will have a second semester [Civ Pro, Contracts, Writing&Research]. For spring semester, in addition to those three classes, I will be taking Property [another required course], and an elective: Ethics in the Criminal Justice System.

I have no intention of doing anything within the Criminal Justice System, but my alternate choices were Bankruptcy and Tax law. No thank you.

Midterms were hard [only in Torts and Civ Pro]; Finals were brutal. Having to memorize rule statement after rule statement really works the brain. So glad I didn’t get sick.

Be on the lookout for another post about the Do’s and Don’t’s of law school!

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Moved In

Tonight is my last night of summer. This past weekend, my family helped me move into my new apartment near school. With things settled into my new place, all I have left to do is get ready for orientation week. With the first day of classes looming and starting to meet new people this week, I’m a little nervous, but getting a little excited. I’m starting a new chapter in my life!

Orientation starts tomorrow, and we will soon learn our class schedule. The butterflies are fluttering as my excitement builds and nerves settle. I may not have time to blog very much, but when I have a chance, I will at least post a short post. 🙂

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Law school is a mere 3 weeks away and it is truly becoming a reality. I’ve received my required readings to be completed before orientation on August 12, and my apartment in the city is almost mine. I’m squeezing in as much friend time as possible and getting used to reading many pages in one day with novels I’ve been wanting to read. Realization definitely hit when I finished my required readings and started my core grammar requirement.

I am going to law school. I am going to be a full-time student again. I will have to get up early. I won’t have free time anymore. And I am thoroughly excited.

Now, who knows if this excitement will last linger than a year,  semester, a month, a week, or a day. But right now, it is the prospect of a new change, and it’s a positive direction that I want to go in. And the best part of writing this all down is that when the excitement does fade, I can look back and see why I was so excited in the first place and why I was so crazy to even think that law school would be the right way for me to go. I hope, more like wish, that I will love law school and will thrive in the learning environment. But who knows.

Embarking on this adventure will be the most excitement I’ve had in my life, next to going to Cal for undergrad and getting engaged.

This summer had been full of change, adventures, and new journeys. But I was willing to attack those with vigor and concentration. And I will approach law school with the same commitment and eagerness as I did going into undergrad.

2013 – the year of change and the start of my journey into life.

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